Helvetica The Movie

November 23, 2011

So as I had planned, I watched the documentary “Helvetica” on Netflix. It is a well-made film consisting primarily of interviews with type designers interspersed with a zillion visuals of Helvetica font used all over the place. Not being from a graphics background, I was astounded to see how ubiquitous the Helvetica typeface is. Most corporations use […]

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More on Typography

November 1, 2011

To follow up on my post on typography, I noticed that “This Developer’s Life” had a new podcast on the topic. I liked the interview with Bill Hill, who has done some stellar work with Microsoft on ClearType. The previous podcast episode on “Taste” was also very interesting. There was mention about the documentary “Helvetica”. […]

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Typography and User Interfaces

October 20, 2011

Google’s newest release of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, has a new font called Roboto. There has been a minor controversy as Roboto seems very much like Helvetica which, being copyrighted, Google cannot bundle along with the open source Android. And there has been some criticism of the font itself. For programmers in the past, these discussions […]

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