Programmers Putting Other Software Personnel Out of Work

May 13, 2011

One software development trend that seems to picking up more steam year after year is the mainstreaming of technologies that aid the software programmer, but also encroaches on the territory of other software personnel. I view this as a good trend because it allows programmers to be more productive and deliver more quality out of […]

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The Reality of UI Test Automation

June 12, 2010

Michael Feathers explains how the reality of user interface test automation differs widely from the expectations: The Dream Janet comes into work in the morning and she sits down at her super-duper testing console. She presses a button and the testing system springs to life. The application comes up all at once across ten monitors. […]

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Wrong Use of Testing Metrics

November 27, 2009

Brilliant post on testing by Michael Bolton (emphasis mine): Bug Investigation and Reporting (time spent on tests that find bugs)Test Design and Execution (time spent on tests that don’t find bugs) Module Time spent on tests that find bugs Time spent on tests that don’t find bugs Total Tests A 0 minutes (no bugs found) […]

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Guy Kawasaki’s Engineer Lies

August 26, 2009

Guy Kawasaki had a series of posts where he called out various types of people (venture capitalists, engineers, marketers, etc.) on untrue things that they are used to saying. There are situations when using a tough word is appropriate, but this is one case where Kawasaki is just wrong. Most people are truthful most of the […]

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