Machine Abundance

November 25, 2012

I was digging through old stuff when I found some notebooks I had filled up about 20 years ago. I used to be a trivia fan and copied down things like Olympics gold medal winners from reference books. The idea was that I could easily look up the information without having to go to some […]

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How to Maliciously Hack Anything

September 15, 2011

The Microsoft Security Center has this excellent article listing their “10 Immutable Laws of Security” (read it thoroughly): If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore If […]

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Learned Helplessness

August 5, 2011

Anne writes: (added emphasis mine) I’m glad to help anybody who has a problem, but I’d also like you to listen to what I explain to you and remember it. I can’t remember how often I tried to explain to someone at an old job what the difference between the internet and the intranet was, […]

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Women in Technology

July 26, 2011

Anna Lewis at FogCreek has done the programming community a favor by looking at history and finding that computer science was not a male-dominated field as commonly assumed: In 1987, 42% of the software developers in America were women. And 34% of the systems analysts in America were women. Women had started to flock to […]

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Government and Technology

June 24, 2011

I sympathize with Jurgen Appelo for his bad experience with US border control. After he told them that he was visiting the United States for delivering courses, he was sent back from the airport itself. Apparently, the rules state that “a self-employed independent trainer is not allowed to work in the USA”. The border officials […]

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Laptop Hunting

July 16, 2009

I was amused to read the story of how somebody from Apple wanted Microsoft to stop the Laptop Hunter ads. Because last week, I was with my friend providing moral support while he was hunting for a laptop at BestBuy. Yes, he bought a Windows laptop, though not for cost — he needed a PC […]

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