The Bigger Complexity Lies Outside Technology

November 26, 2009

From the Domain-Driven Design Site: [A] great deal of effort has gone into the design of networks, databases, and other technical dimension of software. Books have been written about how to solve these problems. Developers have cultivated their skills. Yet the most significant complexity of many applications is not technical. It is in the domain […]

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Growth is Required Even if There are No Network Effects

November 12, 2009

David writes in response to Joel’s worries about fast growth: All these business [Facebook, eBay, Oracle] rely heavily on the network effect: Their product is more attractive than the competition because of their market share. […] Do you know what kind of software doesn’t have the advantages of the network effect? Ours. One Highrise user doesn’t […]

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The Twin Demons of Programmers

September 3, 2009

Two somewhat conflicting needs of programmers: Write as little code as possible. Reduce coupling as much as possible. I wonder if they can ever be achieved together entirely, but one thing that seems to be happening is that Item (2) is getting done with more and more functionality getting into the software environment (operating system, […]

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