software craftsmanship

Get a Better Word for Software “Craftsman”

January 26, 2011

Ade Oshineye complains that proponents of Software Craftsmanship misunderstand it: Ill-informed proponents of Software Craftsmanship tend to make the following mistakes: they don’t read anything except the manifesto and a smattering of blog posts. […] they focus on how Software Craftsmanship can benefit masters rather than apprentices. they think that signing the manifesto is the […]

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The Problem with the Software Craftsmanship Concept

July 23, 2009

The idea of software craftsmanship is very appealing. It elevates the art of programming and sends a message that programming is a lifelong dedication to improving one’s skill and aspiring towards perfection. All that is good and noble about programming is embodied in the term “software craftsmanship”. But the history behind the term “craftsmanship” troubles […]

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