About Sales Commissions

January 9, 2012

Dan Ostlund at Fog Creek Software talks about how they have got rid of commissions for sales people: We did it because we were having a lot of the problems with commissions described above even though all of our salespeople are ethical and decent. Commissions just encourage certain kinds of behavior; dysfunction is built into […]

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When Sales Rules the Roost

May 28, 2011

[Update: Cloud9 have promised to look at a clearer pricing model. See comments.] Cloud9 IDE is a service with a good idea — provide an online IDE, and they seem to have several great features implemented. On the other hand, this is remarkably stupid: It makes it seem that having a single workspace is 100 […]

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Fast Sales-Driven Growth

November 8, 2009

A friend shared Joel Spolsky’s new column on Inc Magazine which asks if slow growth means slow death and suggests a couple of ways to grow faster: Step One, I think, is to pluck off our biggest competitors. We’re pretty certain that we’ve already built a great product that meets our customers’ needs — but […]

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