The Rusting of Software

May 23, 2012

One project I have been working on recently is a code upgrade of an existing enterprise web application. It is not a re-engineering effort, but instead only consists of necessary code changes to get the application working with the latest versions of the system software. The application had been in use for several years, and […]

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Refactoring is Not About Reducing Code

April 18, 2011

The first introduction to refactoring for many programmers comes when a senior developer on the team takes a look at what they have written, yells some expletives and starts deleting blocks of code that has probably taken them days to write. After a few such incidents, these programmers start understanding what DRY means. Unfortunately, some […]

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Software Analysis Paralysis

September 22, 2009

Programmers and managers are obsessed with finding the best way to solve a particular challenge. This is a good thing because that is what quality is all about. Sometimes, though, it can be taken to extremes and the project gets stuck in discussions of minutiae. I was reminded about this when I read about the Chandler […]

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