About Sales Commissions

January 9, 2012

Dan Ostlund at Fog Creek Software talks about how they have got rid of commissions for sales people: We did it because we were having a lot of the problems with commissions described above even though all of our salespeople are ethical and decent. Commissions just encourage certain kinds of behavior; dysfunction is built into […]

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How Many Hours Can a Programmer Program?

January 5, 2012

I am a little late to this party where Michael Arrington says that startups mean working hard and sleeping under your desk. But I will add a few words. I read a lot of commentary about how such death marches can be counter-productive and ultimately unsuccessful, and also the real dangers they pose to the […]

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Stops, Not Speed, Determine Programming Velocity

May 23, 2011

Have you had the experience where you estimated the travel time from A to B, in say, 30 minutes, traveled all but one mile in 25 minutes, felt pleased about it and then got stuck in multiple red lights in that last mile and reached your destination 10 minutes late? You might shave a few […]

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Wrong Use of Testing Metrics

November 27, 2009

Brilliant post on testing by Michael Bolton (emphasis mine): Bug Investigation and Reporting (time spent on tests that find bugs)Test Design and Execution (time spent on tests that don’t find bugs) Module Time spent on tests that find bugs Time spent on tests that don’t find bugs Total Tests A 0 minutes (no bugs found) […]

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