Why Single Identity for Authentication is an Impossible Dream

September 6, 2011

Jeff Atwood once again points us to the Internet nightmare of maintaining several passwords for logging into so many different websites. Every time you touch a website that actually cares who the heck you are — and this is an increasingly large list of sites as the web matures — you have to, sigh, “log […]

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Common Passwords

January 4, 2011

The Wall Street Journal recently posted the top 50 passwords leaked from the Gawker website. Some of it is funny, including “trustno1” which for some reason, meant trusting Gawker with one’s username and password. Jeff Atwood had a good analysis about what one could learn from the hack. I mostly agree with it, but would […]

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StackExchange Experience: The OpenID Conundrum

October 26, 2009

Using the new StackExchange platform opened for beta, a few friends and I set up a new cricket question and answer site. The site has been active for a few days now and it has been an interesting experience working with it in an admin role. I am a fan of StackOverflow, the programming Q&A […]

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