The Convergence of the Tablet and e‑Reader

May 24, 2011

In a previous post, I wrote a lot about e‑readers and failed to realize that I was talking about having the e‑reader implement features of tablets like iPad. Well, no more! e‑readers and tablets are in direct competition with each other. But it is an asymmetrical competition. Tablets can run potentially any application, including e‑book […]

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StackExchange Experience: The OpenID Conundrum

October 26, 2009

Using the new StackExchange platform opened for beta, a few friends and I set up a new cricket question and answer site. The site has been active for a few days now and it has been an interesting experience working with it in an admin role. I am a fan of StackOverflow, the programming Q&A […]

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IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is Uninspiring

October 18, 2009

A friend sent over the news that IntelliJ IDEA is going open source with a commercial option. My first reaction was that while it would be helpful to Java developers to play with it, there was a distinct possibility that IDEA is already out on its way out. I have always been an Eclipse person, […]

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The Economics of Content

September 21, 2009

Paul Graham has a strange take on publishing (emphasis mine): Publishers of all types, from news to music, are unhappy that consumers won’t pay for content anymore. At least, that’s how they see it. In fact consumers never really were paying for content, and publishers weren’t really selling it either. If the content was what […]

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Laptop Hunting

July 16, 2009

I was amused to read the story of how somebody from Apple wanted Microsoft to stop the Laptop Hunter ads. Because last week, I was with my friend providing moral support while he was hunting for a laptop at BestBuy. Yes, he bought a Windows laptop, though not for cost — he needed a PC […]

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Free is for Users, not Publishers

July 8, 2009

There has been much debate recently about what free means (see Anderson, Gladwell, Godin, Cuban, Shafeen, Yglesias, etc.) and the meaning of GPL vis-a-vis WordPress (Mullenweg, Jalkut, King, etc.) The primary question is, does a business benefit by allowing consumers to use its products (software or information) for free and, in the case of GPL, allow […]

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Meaningless Definitions

June 4, 2009

OK, take one guess as to what this could be: _______ is a design philosophy that leverages existing investments in the creation of flexible solutions that are more responsive to your business needs. Apparently, this is Microsoft’s definition of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). Does any technology market itself as saying that you need to ditch your […]

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Hollywood’s Distribution Model

April 19, 2009

Slate has an article on why we have not yet seen an online subscription-based service for movies: Couldn’t the studios just sign new deals that would give them the right to build an online service? Well, maybe—but their current deals are worth billions, and a new plan would mean sacrificing certain profits for an uncertain […]

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A Twitter Novice on Why Twitter Matters

April 5, 2009

I created a login on Twitter user two years ago, but I would still classify myself as a novice user. I blame Twitter for this because the folks at Twitter themselves seem to have no clue what the point of Twitter is. Almost every sentence in the Twitter homepage is an advertisement for not using […]

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What does “Non-Commercial” in Creative Commons Mean?

March 17, 2009

The Creative Commons license has different attributes, one of which is “Non-Commercial”. It simply states “You may not use this work for commercial purposes.” The literal reading makes it very clear you cannot profit directly from the work, such as selling it as part of an image library. But what if you are using it […]

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