Spreadsheets And Tables

January 10, 2011

Something that I see repeatedly is people opening an Excel file when they want to type in a table of information. They do this even if the table contains no numbers, there are no calculations required and some of the cells contains whole sentences and paragraphs. A common scenario is people using spreadsheets for tracking […]

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Early Birds versus Night Owls

May 31, 2009

via Mark Hurst, here is an article on morning persons versus evening people from Health News: People who keep late hours and feel more alert in the evening may have a natural advantage over those who rise at the crack of dawn and struggle to stay alert and productive in the later hours of the […]

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Screen Sucking

February 28, 2009

I first came across the phrase “screen sucking” in Edward Hallowell’s “Crazy Busy”, an otherwise forgettable book. It is an apt term for how we spend hours online surfing without any end instead of getting on with our work. Not simply idling away in the office, but also at home, when we could be doing […]

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