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Google Consolidation

January 19, 2009

The nation’s economic troubles have not spared the Google juggernaut. Google is following the principle of “do it quickly and do it deep” by stopping further development on (and in some cases, stopping) Dodgeball, Jaiku, Google Video, Google Notebook, Google Catalogs and Google Mashup Editor. Of these services, Dodgeball and Jaiku were Google acquisitions that […]

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Strange Password Behavior on Hotmail and WordPress

January 16, 2009

Sometimes, when you see an odd behavior by a popular application, something that is either obviously wrong or not the standard way of doing things, you wonder if it was a conscious decision on the part of the developers, or simply something they had overlooked. I was puzzled by two such incidents recently, one from […]

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Stack Overflow Thoughts

August 21, 2008

I received my beta invitation to, the discussion form launched by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, some days ago. It has been fun playing around with it. For a beta site, it is highly functional, very fast and noticeably free of bugs (I noticed just one formatting problem which disappeared after an hour or […]

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The One Answer Search Engine

August 15, 2008

With regard to my previous post on market entry barriers, one of my friends (who works in research at a large technology company) pointed out that it is incorrect to say that people are entirely satisfied with search results. Google (or other search engines, for that matter) does not provide a direct answer to many […]

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Actionable Web Bookmarks

June 16, 2008

I have been using web bookmarks using various applications like, Yahoo Bookmarks and Google Bookmarks, as well as the built-in functionality within the browsers. Although all of them have good features, one important thing that is missing from them is the ability to tie actions to them. Here is what I would like to […]

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Google App Engine

May 24, 2008

A few days back, I received an invitation to create an application on Google App Engine (GAE). I was impressed with the ease with which I was able to create a quick CRUD application. Even though I am not very knowledgeable in Python, it took only a few hours from downloading the framework to creating […]

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The Higher Google Stock Price

November 3, 2007

Even if you don’t own Google stock, you still benefit when Google’s stock price keeps climbing upwards: Ad-free services: If it were any other company, services like Orkut and Analytics, among many others, would be chock-full of advertisements. Google could be making more direct money from services like Blogger, but at this moment, that does […]

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GoToBilling — A Case Study

September 20, 2007

I recently got a chance to take a test drive of GoToBilling, an online application for business solutions. GoToBilling focuses on helping companies invoice and accept payments from their customers easily. They primarily serve small to mid-size customers. The application has other features such as marketing and CRM that aid in sales activities. Though the […]

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& A Session on Google Analytics">Q & A Session on Google Analytics

July 28, 2007

Users of web visitor analytical data from applications such as Google Analytics and other programs use them to understand more about their visitors. They use the information to better design their website layout and content. But Google Analytics also provides other pieces of interesting information. Using some of the statistics (over the last 6 months) […]

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Having Paying Customers

May 13, 2007

I have started trying more of Zoho products. Zoho Sheet is a good online spreadsheet application. I tried importing one of my existing Excel worksheets which contained statistical data and a graph. It imported everything almost perfectly. The only problem was with the graph — apparently, it doesn’t allow you to select non-contiguous columns. I […]

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