product management

Innovation and Market Success

June 11, 2012

I was throwing out some old paper when I saw these pages from the March 2001 edition of eCompany magazine. The first image below is an ad for the Handspring Visor and it is offering you the ability to have your digital handheld work as a camera, phone or MP3 player. The other one is […]

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Validation Through Rejection

June 3, 2012

This is the wrong way to go about product focus: I’d rather use a service that has a strong, single-minded vision, even if some of the decisions aren’t exactly how I’d want them, than a washed-out, milquetoast service created by committee, designed to meet market demand, that tries to make everybody happy. Another way to put […]

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Understanding the Innovator’s Dilemma

October 11, 2011

Stephen Forte applies the Innovator’s Dilemma wrongly to Apple: In a nutshell, the Innovator’s Dilemma says the following (I am paraphrasing): when you invent something, first you are trying to penetrate a new market and convince people to buy your invention. At this stage you will do anything to get noticed. After a while, your […]

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How to Build a New Version of an Operating System

September 5, 2011

Whatever your opinions on Microsoft and Windows are, you should check out the blog by the Windows 8 engineering team about the new features in the upcoming operating system. In particular, the posts about some of the new user interface features (such as changes to the Windows Explorer interface and managing file name collisions during […]

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Entrepreneurship is High Risk, Deserves High Reward

May 9, 2011

Via Jason Cohen, I landed upon this article by Jason Fried about the sale of Mint to Intuit: We need new blood, new companies, new methods, new ideas, new applications, and new leaders to regenerate stale industries. The old must be plowed under by the new. But today it seems like the old is doing […]

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