August 2011

Conversational Wavelength

August 29, 2011

Often, we hear people use the term “we should be on the same wavelength”. What does that actually mean? Here is my definition: This is how a conversation should take place. A topic is discussed, both sides understand what the other is saying, they directly address each other and the discussion ends in closure. It […]

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The Departure of Steve Jobs from Apple

August 25, 2011

It had to happen some day and, like Bill Gates leaving Microsoft, Steve Jobs’s resignation from Apple seems like the end of an era. Since Jobs will continue as the Chairman, he will still maintain influence, though how much remains to be seen since this development seems to be driven by medical reasons. He is […]

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Form Follows Function — True for Podcasts Also

August 21, 2011

It was interesting to read this postmortem of a mistake made by Rob Conery in releasing a sub-standard podcast. You might think he is making too much of a small error, but I understand the feeling. I feel stupid when I publish a post and later notice that I had left a spelling or grammar […]

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The Allure of PHP

August 10, 2011

Hush, Cédric Beust just admitted he likes PHP. He cites the following reasons: PHP is like C PHP never let me down PHP is robust PHP’s documentation is great Universal support High reward I agree with him mostly, except for the “robustness” part. Cedric, being a better programmer, might have got perfectly working code. But my […]

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Demand Insensitive Pricing

August 9, 2011

Travis Houium makes a great point in this article from DailyFinance:  I looked through the prices of on-demand movies, and I was shocked at what Comcast (CMCSA) charges for a movie. Why spend $5.99 for 127 Hours when I could purchase it from Barnes & Noble for $13.19 and own it forever? And why would I […]

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Learned Helplessness

August 5, 2011

Anne writes: (added emphasis mine) I’m glad to help anybody who has a problem, but I’d also like you to listen to what I explain to you and remember it. I can’t remember how often I tried to explain to someone at an old job what the difference between the internet and the intranet was, […]

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