January 2010

Do The Basic Research

January 28, 2010

I fail to comprehend how someone can write this (emphasis mine): Overdesign is also very common with databases. People get hung up on rules like “third normal form”. Sometimes when you over-normalize a database is [sic] makes it impossible to query the data later on. If your application is going to require reports, sometimes its […]

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The Delete Confirmation Functionality

January 13, 2010

Phil Haack writes about the lack of confirmation dialogs when deleting an item in the Netflix queue. I have noticed something similar on the Amazon wish lists. It avoids an unnecessary click, but at the same time, allows you to quickly undo the action if you had accidentally clicked the first time. This reminds me […]

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Security Theater

January 12, 2010

Bruce Schneier (the author of “Applied Cryptography” and other books) explains why security theater (where security measures do not do much to improve real security) has its benefits: Tamper-resistant packaging for over-the-counter drugs started to appear in the ’80s, in response to some highly publicized poisonings. As a countermeasure, it’s largely security theater. It’s easy […]

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Outdated Catchphrases

January 4, 2010

A hilarious take from Ron Rosenbaum: But don’t call it outside the box anymore, please. By now, the injunction to “think outside the box” has become inside the box airline-magazine management-guru cliché. Please, some of you should get back into the box, please, and take your quirky Power Points with you. What about thinking outside […]

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2009 — The Best and Worst Books I Read

January 3, 2010

As I did last year and the year before that, I am here again with the list of best and worst books I read in 2009. To be clear, these are the books I read, not the books published in 2009. This year, I read over 90 books: Includes a high percentage of fiction, but does […]

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