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by Krishna on June 4, 2009

Matt at 37 Signals writes:

The term entrepreneur feels outdated. It’s associated with people who work brutal hours, invest their life savings, and risk it all on a dream.

But these days, you can do a ton with just a little. You can build a business by working just a few hours a week. You can keep your day job and start something on the side. Software and technology that used to cost a ton is now free (or very cheap). You can easily work from home and/or with people thousands of miles away.

In this new landscape, people who would never think to call themselves “entrepreneurs” are out there starting businesses, selling products, and turning profits. […]

These people are thriving without risking it all or leveraging their lives. They’re succeeding without MBAs, business plans, and all those other credentials you’re supposed to have before starting a business. You just don’t need that stuff to build something great anymore.

The point is that you no longer have an excuse anymore for doing nothing. You cannot complain that life didn’t turn out to be great because you didn’t have money, resources or time. As Matt explains, you need just a little. So the biggest obstacle to achieving your dreams is you. How much priority have you given to chasing your dreams?

Those who complain are never serious to begin with. They need a scapegoat for their lack of achievements. And they point to whatever or whoever is available: their jobs, employers, family, friends, education and so on. But the real culprit is plain old laziness and lack of passion. This doesn’t mean that you are going to make a million dollars tomorrow by pursuing your dreams. You may very well do that, but maybe not – it depends on many factors beyond your control.

But the question is, are you trying? And are you spending some fraction of your time thinking about and contributing to your dream?

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Chad June 15, 2009 at 2:24 pm

I think that I agree with you, at least to a certain extent. It really is true that a great deal can be accomplished by taking up innitiative and taking steps to pursue your dreams. I think that people often underestimate how much an individual can accomplish, if they set their mind to it. I was just reading your article about Gerstner's "Who Says Elephants Can't dance?" and it really got me thinking about all that is possible. I am really intrigued now and just found the book on http://www.audiobooks.net and will be giving it a listen very soon!

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