May 2009

Early Birds versus Night Owls

May 31, 2009

via Mark Hurst, here is an article on morning persons versus evening people from Health News: People who keep late hours and feel more alert in the evening may have a natural advantage over those who rise at the crack of dawn and struggle to stay alert and productive in the later hours of the […]

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How to Handle Extraordinarily Productive Employees

May 11, 2009

Johanna Rothman considers a management problem where a team has an extraordinarily productive employee in a team of average employees and suggests that the person may be more harmful than helpful: Another manager has the problem of one person bringing down the expertise of the entire group by being an indispensable employee. Indispensable employees prevent […]

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Code Generation

May 6, 2009

Justin Etheredge had a good post about using code generation only as the tool of last resort. He cites three problems: Maintenance – Generated code can be a maintenance nightmare. If your solution to a problem is to just generate reams of code, then you have created that much more code that you now need […]

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