Recursive Professions

by Krishna on February 18, 2009

The most fascinating professions, in my opinion, are the ones where you make money by preaching what you practice, and where the preaching is the practice. If that is confusing, here are some examples:

  1. Blogging about blogging: Every blogger does this to some extent by talking about their experiences with setting up their blog and writing posts, but some make it into a living.
  2. Presentations about presentations: How can you explain about giving great presentations? Simple, give a great presentation about it.
  3. Speaking about public speaking: Toastmasters is now a worldwide organization and many of its “graduates” are paid for delivering speeches for helping with public speaking. Scott Berkun seems to be going that route too.
  4. Writing about writing books: Why struggle with plots and characters when you can teach people how to write stories and get published?

Is writing a compiler/interpreter for a programming language in the same language a recursive profession? Or is that only applicable for creators of programming languages?

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