The End of Hacknot

by Krishna on January 11, 2009

The Hacknot site is no longer in existence, seemingly taken over by cybersquatters. Hacknot was one of the best software development blogs I read. Fortunately, the essays are still available as a book on Lulu. You can download the PDF for free.

Of the 5 top blogs I listed in that post, this is the second one that has ended its run. Kathy Sierra stopped writing on her “Creating Passionate Users” blog after she received death threats. The others are still going strong.

On the subject of lists, Jurgen Appelo at NOOP.NL has compiled a list of top 100 blogs for software developers. He has also compiled other lists and has a bunch of interviews with various blog authors. The list of best-selling software engineering books is a good resource, though perhaps inferior to some other reading lists because Jurgen’s list is based on popularity while the others are based on books that they read.

The Personal MBA’s recommended reading list of around 77 best business books is perhaps the best. The author, Josh Kaufman, has spent great time and effort reading the books and writing their reviews (available on the Personal MBA site), and updates the list every year. However, I am not as enamored of the Personal MBA as previously. The list contains a few incredible duds like “Bit Literacy” and “Blue Ocean Strategy”. It has books like “Deep Survival” which has no place in a business management book list, however much the author tries to justify it.

Bad books apart, I think the biggest problem with the Personal MBA is that it has few academic textbooks. Academic books are generally very dull, but they generally do a good job of exploring many different aspects and theoretical frameworks of the subject. For example, I was very surprised to not see any book by Philip Kotler, who is generally acknowledged to be the leading marketing guru. In fact, it would be perhaps better to first read the leading academic textbook in each of the management categories and then follow up with items from the Personal MBA list.

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