September 2008

The Expert Level Problem in Computer Games

September 30, 2008

As an avid player of computer games, I find many of them share some built-in flaws when it comes to playing higher levels in the game. Waste of time at lower levels: To get to a level where the player is challenged, you have to repeatedly go through very simple beginner levels. In many cases, […]

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Code More to Become a Better Developer

September 21, 2008

Justin Etheredge had a question about the strategy for becoming a better developer. There is a simple answer: “Code”. The more you develop, the better you become. So, the bias should be towards finding more opportunities to code, improve code and apply coding techniques and best practices. You may ask, what about learning? After all, […]

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Artificial Intelligence

September 7, 2008

From talking cars to androids, artificial intelligence is a very popular theme for movies. It is a very intriguing subject with so many potential (useful and harmful) applications. Many science fiction writers predicted that today (in 2008) we would live in a world where robots do most of the work. Human beings either enjoy the […]

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September 6, 2008

Software development on new applications is only a fraction of maintenance work on existing applications. But almost all the conversation and writing on software tends to revolve around building new software — architecture, design, standards, code samples, etc. The consequence of this mismatch is that planning for software maintenance is often done as an after-thought […]

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