March 2008

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

March 27, 2008

When it comes to managing one’s strengths and weaknesses, there are different schools of thought. Some people are of the opinion that weaknesses are areas of improvement and it pays to work on them. The contrary point of view is that we should focus on improving and taking advantage of strengths rather than trying to […]

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The Distinct Types of Workaholics

March 15, 2008

Jason Calacanis, CEO of, recently generated some heated controversy over his statement “Fire people who are not workaholics” as part of a longer post about how to save money running a startup. While many people criticized him for not understanding what work-life balance means, a few others supported him for suggesting what startups require […]

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The Meaning of No Time

March 2, 2008

In both business and private life, you often hear people saying that they had “no time” to do something. In many situations, the amount of time required for the task is something that you would expect the person to have, so what do they mean when they say they had no time? It is important […]

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