What Day Should You Hold Meetings?

by Krishna on September 21, 2007

This is a follow-up from my previous post on the best times to hold meetings. But what are the best days to have meetings? Here are some thoughts based on my experiences:

  • In my opinion, Mondays and Wednesdays are good days to have internal weekly meetings.
  • On Monday, you can discuss the plan for the coming week and everybody can organize themselves to meet those goals. You can also understand what was accomplished or not in the previous week and make required adjustments.
  • Wednesday can be used either as a primary weekly meeting or as support to the Monday weekly meeting. You can understand the progress for the week, see what is remaining and plan or work accordingly.
  • Tuesdays are good for external meetings with customers. Customers usually don’t have their internal meetings on Tuesdays and hence they can make time out for you. Mondays are too hectic for them to change their schedule or give you enough time. Fridays would seem like a good choice and is often preferred by people, but it has the defect explained in the next point.
  • Fridays are bad for any meetings because people are less likely to follow up on any action items. On Friday, everyone is mentally shutting down in anticipation of the weekend (enjoyment or chores). While they may fully agree with you, their brain shuts down in the evening and your needs are forgotten. When Monday comes around, there are new issues to handle and you are nowhere in their thoughts.
  • Thursdays and Fridays can, however, be used for meetings that are not directly related to project management and sales. For example, you could have training sessions, or formal code reviews on these days. You could also arrange meetings with other departmental groups that have a role to play in your project. A very long-term project could shift its regular weekly meeting to the later part of the week if it is less critical to the company’s operations.

Of course, many companies have different practices that are best suited for their environment. One medical center I know had their staff meetings at Thursday noon time because that was when they had the least number of customers. Many companies have frequent meetings throughout the week. Agile Scrum methodology prescribes a daily stand-up meeting.

And finally, there are those who are in separate geographic locations and never “meet”. They talk and exchange emails all the time. For them, there is less need for scheduled meetings.

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