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by Krishna on August 6, 2007

A few days ago, Yahoo! released YSlow, a tool for analyzing the performance of web sites and informing you why they are slow, if they are performing badly. It is a free tool that runs in Firefox as part of the Firebug web development tool. The tool basically examines the currently loaded website using a few performance-related suggestions by Yahoo!

I had a little fun when I ran the tool against the download page for YSlow! The performance grade (see below) is D (67) with a couple of F’s against two checkpoints. I did a little better with a “B” for my website though I also got 2 F’s which I need to work on.

Here are a couple of other website administrative tools that may help you:

  1. The validators at There is an HTML markup validator, Link Checker and CSS Validator. Since HTML and CSS mistakes are easier to spot when you are browsing your website, those validators are probably less important than the link checker. Broken links can be hard to find and also sometimes external links get broken after you upload your site. So running the link checker periodically is helpful. If you have an RSS feed, you can use the Feed Validation Service, though that is less useful if you are using a blogging platform.
  2. Google Webmaster Central and Yahoo! Site Explorer: Both these tools allow you to see incoming links to your website. The Google Webmaster tool also provides you information about website errors, statistics about what searches are resulting in visitors (like Google Analytics, but also providing a search ranking) and internal/external links. The SEOmoz Page Strength Tool provides you a snapshot of incoming links and what search engines and indexes think of your website.

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