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by Krishna on August 29, 2007

In the last couple of days, Phil Haack and Guy Kawasaki (separately) have written beautiful posts on subjects that I mentioned in my latest posts.

On validation, Phil writes “Don't Be a Validation Nazi” to follow on his “... How to Validate an Email Address ...” post. My article on the subject of unnecessary field validations here.

On hiring, Guy writes “How to Not Hire Someone Via Craigslist” explaining, among other things, how a more detailed job description can drive away job applicants. My article on hiring here.

The last few comments on the blog have been interesting, giving me some ideas for new articles. Alexey Linkov (who has a good blog on outsourcing) has suggested an article on best tips for hiring programmers. Bruce has remarked about how Agile methodology may require dedicated requirements personnel at all times, which lead me to an idea about writing about how to make Agile successful in an organization. I have added a new section on the right side that lists possible topics for the future.

If you look carefully at my links above, you will notice that I have finally bit the bullet and bought the domain. My primary motivation was not having to change the title of this blog, supposing someone else buys the domain. 🙂 Google makes the buying process very easy through Blogger itself. It costs around $10 per year and you get Google Apps Standard Edition with it. Blogger also takes care not to break old links and forward them appropriately. Not bad.

Finally, I signed up for Bookswim. At around $20 per month, it could potentially save a lot of money on buying business and technology books. The site has been slow for the past week because of heavy traffic and has some hiccups with search. But they seem to be responsive in email communication and I already have my first set of books shipped to me. Overall, it seems like a good deal for customers.


Bruce August 31, 2007 at 4:13 pm

Well done on getting your domain name!

Krish September 1, 2007 at 8:56 am

Thanks Bruce

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