August 2007

Website Tools

August 6, 2007

A few days ago, Yahoo! released YSlow, a tool for analyzing the performance of web sites and informing you why they are slow, if they are performing badly. It is a free tool that runs in Firefox as part of the Firebug web development tool. The tool basically examines the currently loaded website using a […]

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Internal Motivations in Software Estimation

August 5, 2007

Most of us are quite familiar, through software engineering literature, stories or direct experience, about the pressures faced by software teams from marketing and management to change estimates to meet some external deadlines. Since software developers are, by nature, less equipped to handle negotiations, they frequently find their expert opinions about size, effort and cost […]

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Hard-coding and Soft-coding

August 4, 2007

Code written by a novice programmer is full of hard-coding. All sorts of values are indiscriminately thrown about inside the code, which makes it the program much more difficult to maintain. Any time you want to change the behavior of the software, you have to change the source code and run the application again. This […]

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Political Capital in Organizations

August 1, 2007

What is the most important factor that affects your ability to be an independent decision-maker within your organization? I believe that it is the political capital that you have earned through your performance, actions and attitude. Let us define what political capital is. It is the amount of trust that your managers have in your capabilities, […]

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