by Krishna on May 5, 2007

Recently, I was invited to review ReviewBasics, a feedback gathering platform for documents, images and other types of content. I had a quick trial of it today. My first impression: It is a very powerful, but intuitive tool that fills a critical need for professionals everywhere.

What does ReviewBasics do? Let us say that I am a website designer and I have created a few templates for a client. Previously, I would emailed the snapshots to him and she would emailed me back her feedback. Which is fine, but I might misunderstand her instructions and spend time doing something she didn’t want. More iterations of this keep happening. I could meet my client in person, but that is again time-consuming and expensive.

Another example: I am creating a document or article and I want people to review it and give me feedback. If I use a word processing program like Microsoft Word, I need all my contacts to be using the same program and also have the ability to do “Track Changes”. Also I want to be able to send the document to multiple people and get feedback at the same time.

These are just two of the potential possibilities of ReviewBasics. They make it very simple. You register on the website (a very easy process). You upload the documents you want reviewed. You put in the email ids of the reviewers. They get an email message asking them to review the application. They go in, select the document and it appears in a very nice work area, where they can add their comments using graphical callouts. All the feedback appears for you as soon as they complete their review.

The most important thing about the product is that its flow is very seamless. There is hardly any unnecessary step in the process. The reviewers have their accounts automatically setup. The system only requires one’s name, email id and password which makes registration very simple.

Any flaws? Well, I didn’t quite like the way that the home page menu (Home, Demo, Applications, etc.) remained on the page after I logged in. The tool tips on certain icons take a fraction of a second longer than one would expect. There are underlines on area headings that invite one to click on them, but nothing happens. There are others which have underlines and actually do something on clicking them, so that is inconsistent. Minor things, really.

In conclusion, a very useful tool with great possibilities.

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Tim May 6, 2007 at 7:44 am

Hello Krishna,

Thank you for your thoughts about ReviewBasics! Your feedback is appreciated and we look forward to keeping you updated on our developments.



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