Google Analytics Rebooted

by Krishna on May 9, 2007

There is a great new release of Google Analytics out there. Website visitor statistics are displayed in an array of beautiful, interactive graphs. Apparently, this was the result of Google’s acquisition of MeasureMap. It is really wonderful.

This reminds me of the second major release of Google Reader. The first release, like the old Google Analytics, was competent, but there was nothing really special about it. The competition had some talking points. But then they came up with the next release and wiped out everybody else. I see this in my FeedBurner statistics — 2/3rds of the subscribers of this blog use Google Reader.

Back in January, I had done a quick review of Google product offerings. Here is what has happened since:

  • Google Search remains No. 1 and, in my experience, they actually seem to be breaking away significantly from the other search engines. For now, except for research on search engines, I would not waste a single search on any other search engine.
  • Huge fan of Google Reader. I like the latest feature which allows you to email the blog post to someone, graphics, formatting and all.
  • Since this week, huge fan of Google Analytics.
  • Uninstalled Google Desktop because of various instability issues. I still think it is a good product, but I am not sure I need the functionality in Windows Vista. Time will tell.
  • I quit Google Docs & Spreadsheets and moved to Zoho Writer. For now, Zoho seems to have a better interface both with regard to functionality and looks. Good for Zoho. Until Google does a reboot of Docs, that is.
  • The new iGoogle (previously Google Personalized Home) is pretty cool. The most useful gadgets for me are Weather and Google Bookmarks. I use the latter to quickly launch commonly visited websites.
  • I have been using the Search History, but I don’t find it very useful yet. Once in a while, I go back and find some search result I used, but it is more of a convenience than anything critical. The “Interesting Items” section is not that interesting at all. I am sure Google has something revolutionary up its sleeve — we will just have to wait some more time.

Most of the new things coming out of Google have been reasonably good, but nothing dramatic. The exciting things have been relatively fewer, but when they come, they come with a bang, as happened with Analytics.

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Arvind May 9, 2007 at 11:37 pm

Thanks, Krishna. Check out all the Zoho apps and we will be glad hearing your feedback on them!

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