Going Down Alone

by Krishna on May 3, 2007

(Dedicated to the people who will only accept their mistakes over their own dead bodies.)

Frank is getting out of his car at the local supermarket when he notices John coming with a bag of groceries. He notices that there is a hole in the bag and sugar is spilling out. He runs towards John.

John, there is a hole in your bag and the sugar is spilling out.”
“Frank, you cannot stop me in the middle of the road and expect me to pay attention to you. Send me an email and book an appointment.”

You don’t understand. Your grocery bag has a hole and things are falling out.”
“How do you know? How much experience do you have with grocery bags?”

It is basic common sense. Any person can see this problem.”
“What, I don’t have common sense? Listen, don’t presume to be better than me. I have more experience hauling groceries than you will ever hope to have.”

It is not a matter of experience. Why don’t you just check the bag?”
“I didn’t notice any problem when I was handed the bag. Why should I waste my time checking it now?”

Don’t you think spending a second now is better than finding about it later and spending time doing your shopping again?”
“Wow, you know how to talk. Great, keep acting smarter than me. People like you just bore me to death.”

I am just telling this for your own benefit.”
“Really? Who asked you? Is someone paying you for helping others?”

Why should you care? Even if I am getting paid, what I am telling you is going to help you.”
“That is what you think. This is the way I am. I don’t change for nobody and I don’t let anybody dictate what I have to do.”

Come on, we are wasting time arguing. Please, see, the sugar is half gone now.”
“Now I am arguing? You always want to blame others. You are no saint, either.”

What do you mean?”
“Are you trying to say that you never lost any food items?”

No, I am not saying that. But you do admit that there is a hole in your bag?”
“I didn’t admit anything. Besides, even if there is, it is the problem of the clerk at the supermarket.”

But it is your money that is being lost. You cannot ask the clerk for that.”
“Maybe. Maybe not. That is none of your business, anyway.”

Look. the sugar package is empty now.”
“Go away. Don’t be a wise guy.”

Whatever. Bye, John.”
“Frank, it is a nice day. Go fishing or something. Bye.”

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