Tragic Massacre at Virginia Tech

by Krishna on April 17, 2007

The killing of more than 30 people at Virginia Tech has shocked the country.

The list of victims has been released. Among the faculty, there is a Holocaust survivor. 4 other teachers and more than 20 students died, including a few foreign students.

We cannot imagine the suffering and pain that the families of the murdered people are going through.

The massacre was senseless — we may never know what thoughts went through the killer’s head as he went about his rampage.

There are no answers as to why those innocent people met this fate.

Some of my emotions are the same I felt on 9/11. Why? How could people do such horrible things against others for no fault of theirs?

Unfortunately, the world contains evil, crazy and misguided people. We just cannot understand their motivations or way of thinking. And it is scary to know that there is not a whole lot we can do to stop them.

We can just hope and pray for the future.

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Robert April 18, 2007 at 1:12 pm

This act was very disgusting. The individual who committed these acts must have been very disturbed - there definitely was something wrong in his brain.

I feel very badly for all of those who were affected - even the family of the murderer. They are probably left with guilt and asking themselves why their son (or brother) has done such a thing.

It's definitely a very bad tragedy.

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