April 2007

Motivations and Reasons

April 4, 2007

Although two persons may say or do the same thing, they may have different motivations for that — An action or a speech by someone may not be because of the reason you expect. Faced with the same situation and same facts, people’s decisions are based on many different factors like past experience, their knowledge, their cultural/religious thinking, […]

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Managing Costs the Right Way

April 3, 2007

Many companies do not pay enough attention to finances when they are growing rapidly and then do all the wrong things about controlling costs when the growth slows down. Usually many such cost cutting measures are counter‐productive as they lower the morale of the organization. Often, the most talented employees quit first to leave for […]

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Human Beings in the Workplace

April 2, 2007

One of the major sources of conflicts in the workplace between managers and employees is because each side does not see the other side as human beings who have failings and can make mistakes. Although there are bad managers and employees, the majority of people in most companies are just trying to do their best […]

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The 3 Stages of Knowledge

April 1, 2007

With regard to any subject from playing basketball to deep sea diving, there are 3 stages of learning, as follows: Ignorance: The person has superficial or no knowledge in the subject. They may have some or many misconceptions of or prejudices against it. If they have to be involved in some activity in that subject, […]

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