It is a Different Time

by Krishna on April 26, 2007

We are constantly reminded by technology that the world has fundamentally changed since the time of our childhood. Everywhere you go, you see it — developments in medical science, incredible new gadgets and electronic equipment.

Yet, while we embrace most of the new things that help make our life better, most of us are very slow to understand the potential challenges in the business world caused by these changes. Like the following:

  1. The previous generation never had to cope with their technical knowledge becoming outdated every few months. You became an expert in .NET 2.0? Too bad, here comes 3.0!
  2. They never worried about competition from every single part of the globe — people in China, India, eastern Europe, etc. — highly skilled and hungry for success, after years of lagging behind the Western world.
  3. They never had a 24 x 7 world with cell phones, email, text messages, etc. that continuously interrupt and must be attended to. There is no real 9-to-5 job anymore.
  4. There was no information overload as the Internet is today with video on demand, podcasts and blog feeds, with anyone and their grandmother being able to post content regardless of its quality.
  5. The tools keep getting obsolete. The new ones keep getting more intelligent. Every job quickly becomes a McJob even as other currently non-existing professions open up.

These changes are pretty much irreversible unless Earth gets hit by a comet and the survivors go back to the Stone Age. We cannot live without many technological changes, especially those related to medicine. Who wants to die of small pox? Who wants to ride a horse from Boston to New York?

So, if you cannot beat the changes, you have to accept them and build up the skills necessary to survive in such a world.

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