Avoiding Email Embarrassments

by Krishna on April 20, 2007

Sending email is easy. Perhaps too easy. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have hit the Send button and then wished there was some way of taking it back.

Since I have survived to talk about it, here are a few pointers based on personal experience on how to avoid some embarrassing situations:

  1. Take a breather, walk away and think about what you have just written from the receiver’s point of view. Was it the right tone? How will the person react? Will you achieve what you want to?
  2. Run a Spelling-and-Grammar check. Of course, all grammar mistakes do not get caught with the check, so go on the next point.
  3. Read the email from top to bottom. Carefully. Look at punctuation. Look at the meaning of the sentences.
  4. Check the email addresses — To, CC and BCC, if applicable. Sometimes you can be fooled by the right name, wrong email address.
  5. Did you attach the right file? The latest copy of that file from the right folder? Open it again and validate.

Pressing the “Publish” button on this post is equivalent to hitting “Send” on an email. So, as per Murphy’s Law, there must be something written above that is going to be wrong. 🙂 Nevertheless, here I go.

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