Simple Time Audit

by Krishna on March 6, 2007

Sometimes, when you are pressed for time, it is useful to take a quick high-level look at the activities one is spending time on. There are many tools out there that help you record the minutes you spend and are extremely accurate. But using them can be time-consuming.

So here is a simple table that may possibly help you evaluate how your time goes and help you make some changes in lifestyle direction. You may find other categories that you may want to add to the first column.

Activity Category % of Total Time you want to Spend in this category
[Your Goal]
Hours Spent Per Week Day
(Monday to Friday)
Hours Spent Per Weekend
(Saturday & Sunday)
Total Hours Spent Per Week
(Weekday Hours * 5 + Weekend Hours * 2)
%age of Hours Spent
[Your Actual]
Compare Goal and Actual:
Action to Take?
Life Necessities (Sleep, Food, Hygiene)
Social Activities

Before starting, fill in the first column of where you think you should be spreading your hours. Then start filling in the next two columns. Don’t worry about providing exact values. Just get a general idea of the hours you think you spent. Calculate the next two columns.

Finally compare the ratio of how you want your life to be and what your life actually is. You may be surprised at some of the findings. Record what you want to do in the last column. Revisit this again after a few months to see if things have changed.

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