5 Great Software Development Blogs

by Krishna on March 25, 2007

Here are 5 blogs that I really love. They are all related to various aspects of software development. If you are a software professional or an IT manager, I am sure that these will be relevant to you. What is particular great about these blogs is the amazing quality of archived information. If you have any spare time, it would be put to good use if you visit and spend as much time as possible reading the old articles on these sites:

  1. Joel on Software: I was first introduced to Joel Spolsky through his book, “User Interface Design for Programmers” — the paper copy, not the online version. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I started visiting his website. This was before I even knew what a blog was. Joel writes about many different aspects of software development, especially analysis, design and project management. The writing is so lovely and lined with such wonderful anecdotes that you have a huge grin on your face when reading it.
  2. Coding Horror: Jeff Atwood, in comparison, deals with more technical issues including straight programming. Jeff writes articles with great depth and uses images and statistics to illustrate his points very clearly. It is one of the most subscribed-to blogs on the Internet. The site has the benefit of a vibrant community that posts some very insightful comments to complement the articles.
  3. Creating Passionate Users: Kathy Sierra is associated with the very popular “Head First” programming book series and the popular javaranch.com (which used to be one of my favorite Java sites in the past). The “Creating Passionate Users” blog is primarily about aligning your product and services to the needs of end users. A key feature of the blog is its use of simple graphs to explain usability concepts. Dan Russell (a Google researcher) also contributes to this blog.
  4. Berkun Blog: Scott Berkun is the author of the popular “The Art of Project Management”. As you would expect from him, he writes primarily about management in the software environment — people and projects. Very useful to any IT manager.
  5. Hacknot: Funnily enough, I don’t know who the author is. But this site contains a set of impressive articles about software development methodologies and design decisions. Every article is highly researched and serves to debunk hype and common myths about software issues. For example, the latest one is a detailed analysis against the hype of dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. The articles can be freely downloaded as a PDF in addition to reading them online. You may not agree to all the arguments, but you better know about them.

Other useful sites: Eric Sink and Scott Hanselman

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