Your Public Blog is really Public

by Krishna on February 8, 2007

I came across the blog of an acquaintance today. My emotions when I read it went like this, “You have got to be kidding me. Are you really putting this on public view?” I don’t want to link to the blog, but here is some information. The guy has put his real name on the blog. He has talked about his termination from a company, how he was NOT hired in a bigger technology MNC (including his stupid answers), his work “ethic” and his personal life — all sprinkled with expletives throughout the blog.

If you are maintaining a dairy on the web, understand this:

  • A blog is NOT a private email account or document storage. It is publicly available to anyone who can search for your name on Google.
  • Once you are indexed, your page will remain in Internet history for everyone to look at. This is not “Mission Impossible”, you are not Tom Cruise and it is not just one server.
  • Anyone can archive your blog, web page or RSS feed through any of the various tools out there.
  • If you are working in Information Technology, it is very likely that a prospective employer will search for you and find your blog.
  • Yes, bloggers are supposed to be sincere and show their true feelings. But using swear words shows that you have no control over yourself.
  • Using slang and colloquial language is not so bad, but who are you trying to position yourself as? If you want to be treated seriously, then try to write with maturity. A little fun and joking is good, but if it becomes your standard, then you will only lower your image and branding in front of an employer.
  • How difficult is to spell-check? How difficult is to read the post for grammar and meaning before you post it?
  • Most people don’t want to know about your personal anguish or concerns unless your story has some meaning to it. Unless you can offer something to the reader, don’t post your personal stuff online.

If you really, really want to write your private thoughts online, for your own sake, put it in a private blog that can only be accessed by logging in.

A public blog means it is “public”. If you don’t want someone to see it, make it private.

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