What the Gmail Calendar!

by Krishna on February 4, 2007

This was a very surprising feature, but wrongly implemented. In addition to putting an event in Outlook, I usually tend to email myself details about an important meeting. I accidentally sent this to Gmail (instead of Yahoo Mail Beta that I normally use). As you can see on the right hand side, a box appears asking if I want to add the event to my Google Calendar. View image below:

I will explain the problem, but I don’t not sure how Gmail or Google Calendar can deal with it. The event is actually a call with a person in India to take place at 9:45 am Indian Standard Time which is equal to 11:15 pm Eastern Standard Time. So there are two time zones involved.

When adding to Google Calendar, it recognizes the date correctly, but it actually pulls up the first time. Now Google Account does have the information that I am on Eastern Time, but it doesn’t seem to be picking that up.

The reason why I have two times in the subject is to introduce a redundancy so that I can easily verify if I haven’t put down a wrong time. This happens sometimes when arranging meetings with some people in the United States itself, when we are not sure how many hours they are behind and if they have daylight savings.

Not that any of this would really matter, because the user can manually edit the entry when adding it to the Calendar. But still if someone on the Gmail team is looking for bugs to fix, here you go! 🙂

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