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by Krishna on February 8, 2007

The biggest problem with reading news using a blog reader is that you see the same news over and over again from different sources. One can skip over them, but it gets tiring after a while. A site like Techmeme serves dozens of news articles a day. And if you subscribe to many news feeds, a kind thing would be saying “deja vu”. I don’t want to say the unkind word.

That is why I love the fact that Search Engine Land offers daily feeds. The idea is similar to the email newsletters I used to get and browse through before I started reading blogs. The important thing is that I can look at the links of the articles and if I find interesting, I can click it and go to their website.

Of course, I wouldn’t do this if the articles were not good. But Search Engine Land offers good commentary and perspective on the technology news. They usually have around 10 daily articles that explore current issues

Other sections within their daily feed include news headlines from other sources which include

  • Business Issues
  • Local Search
  • Podcasts
  • SEO
  • Social Media

I wish all the other news engines offered this service. One of my To-Do items for the weekend is to explore Yahoo! Pipes to see if it can help aggregate the feeds from the various sources I subscribe to and just send one post at the end of the day. Thinking about it, once they start thinking of monetization, will Yahoo! finally pipe your output through their ad engine so that the head or tail is now an ad? Anyway, right now, the site seems to be down because of “overwhelming demand”.

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