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by Krishna on February 18, 2007

Ever since I started blogging in earnest since December, part of my brain is always looking for blog post ideas. The problem is not that there is nothing to blog about — rather there is an abundance of topics to blog about. Some of them require more time for analysis — so I just add them to Windows Live Writer as a new draft and then follow up later.

Other ideas are too short for a full-fledged post and, since I am interested in writing longer posts, I tend to ignore or reject them. But I feel that some of these observations may be useful to someone out there. So here we go with some “thought clusters”:

  1. I found a link to a useful shortcut in Google Reader. If you press “u”, it hides and shows the left frame. This is very convenient if you are using the Expanded View or a smaller monitor. It is not so helpful if the authors of the blogs you read use short sentences and small paragraphs.
  2. Using the Google Webmaster tool, I found that one of the search queries for this blog was “snow googles”. That is obviously a misspelling of “snow goggles”. Which lead to me to thinking about other commonly misspelled words like “accommodate” (mistake is “accomodate”), “occurrence” (not “occurence” or “ocurrence”), “privilege” (not “privelege”) or “pronunciation” (not “pronounciation”), and how much traffic they contribute to a website.
  3. On the same topic, Google Search now provides search results on the right word even when misspelled. It continues to offer suggestions. Since I get some traffic from vanity searches on “krishna kumar”, it will be nice to know whether part of it is because of when people type “krshna” or “kirhsna” or something like that.
  4. A belated thanks to “New Hampshire Blogging” for a review of my blog and “Cow Hampshire” for adding me to their favorites. For those interested in knowing more about New Hampshire and the people here, please do visit those sites.
  5. Yahoo! Mail has a new update integrating Messenger and Mail. It is not available to everyone yet, but from the video I saw, it has many interesting features. You can open a new chat in a tab. There are buttons for “Convert to Email” and “Convert to Chat” depending on what you are doing. You can set the status of Messenger within Yahoo! Mail itself. The poor (IMO) feature release progress on Google Talk and the lack of tabs in Gmail is providing an easy opening for Yahoo! to corner this segment of the Internet audience.
  6. In Yuvi’s post on Raymond Chen's blog stats, he shows that 77% of Chen’s posts are at 7 am. This is remarkable. One explanation is that Chen does his blogging in the morning and then moves on to other tasks. The other possibility is that he writes his blogs at different times and then posts them at 7 am. Which made me think — why not write more posts when I am free and then post one each day? Also, the 7 am intrigues me. Is that the best time for making a blog post visible? I do my posting during the weekends and nights — which is not exactly a good time for US-based audience.

More in future posts. The spell checker was tough on this post. 🙂


louisgray February 18, 2007 at 4:44 pm


Along the same lines, I was thinking about the timing of posts. One tool to consider is that Google Reader tracks the amount of posts you read, by hour, over a 30-day period. My statistics show that 7 a.m. is indeed when I read the most often. Arguably, if that is the case, then posting at 7 a.m. (PST here) means I would have the story rapidly.

One thing also to consider is that it's always 7 a.m. somwhere. Is your blog optimized for a specific time zone or set of time zones?

I wrote on this subject here.

Krishna Kumar February 18, 2007 at 5:20 pm

Louis, thanks for your comments. This blog is not optimized for any time zone. But I have noticed that a majority of my readers are based in the United States. And probably a good portion of my content makes more sense for an US-based audience.

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