HP Inkjet Printing Limitation

by Krishna on February 6, 2007

I am not sure if this limitation is for all HP inkjets. Recently, I was having a discussion with a customer of mine when one of their IT staff mentioned a problem they were having with printing onto some government tax forms. It seems that one of their printers were printing correctly, but the other printer was not printing the last half-inch or so on the form. The person mentioned that he had tried various techniques and settings, but it was not working.

The obvious solution was to Google it. After trying the printer model, we got this link:


As you will note from the posting in the discussion group, Epson inkjets can print on the entire paper, because they have an additional roll in front of the print head holding onto the paper. Since Hewlett-Packard inkjets only have one roll behind the print head, the paper gets loose around the last half inch and so nothing can be printed there.

This is an obscure problem, really. But if you are in the habit of using footers in smaller margins, there may be a possibility that it may get cut off when printing on some HP inkjets.

[Read no further if you are done with obscure problems.]

And while on the topic of obscure problems, here is one with older Toyota Camrys. If you have ever encountered a situation when you try turning your key in the car and it doesn’t turn on, the problem could be that the steering wheel has been locked. Apparently, if you shut down the car when it has not fully stopped during parking, the steering wheel and ignition locks up. To start the car, turn the steering wheel as you turn the key in the ignition. This should get you going.

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