How to Make Live Search Better

by Krishna on February 4, 2007

Since Google Search has a better reputation than Live Search, it attracts far more users. That is no surprise — probably as redundant as it gets. Apparently, even Microsoft’s developers are using Google instead of Live. The problem for Live Search here is that unless it attracts more users, it is very difficult to improve the capability of its search through user feedback. At the same time, Google continues to get all sorts of positive and negative comments about its search from users, partners, bloggers, politicians, etc.

So here is a suggestion for Microsoft: Shut down all access to Google search and force your employees to use Live Search. You can probably imagine the outcry that would result in — internally and externally. But that will force the Live Search team to quickly address the needs of your development teams.

And if Microsoft cannot do that because that would affect the work of their developers, then it probably proves that Live Search is not as good as Google or will not be getting there soon. And if they cannot stake their business on Live Search, why should the rest of the world do that?

Ditto for Yahoo Search.

Ditto for Ask.

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