Have a Good Life

by Krishna on February 3, 2007

A very poignant moment in the comedy “Cheers” comes at the end of the fifth season. This was a Finale of sorts as Shelley Long ended her role as Diane Chambers and the plot was written for her to exit the show. As Diane leaves the bar for the last time promising to come back, Sam Malone has a sense that she may never return and wishes her, “Have a good life.”

Of all the prayers that people can give another or wish for others, perhaps this is the best one. And it is even better if they can strive to provide a good life if it is in their means to do so:

How great would it be if

  • Employers could make it their obligation to create a great working environment for their employees by showing that they care even just a little bit?
  • Workers could try their best to make the office a wonderful place for their co-workers by showing how they want to help each other succeed?
  • Companies could think about making their products for the satisfaction and delight of their customers instead of just focusing on profits and revenue?
  • People could worry about what difference they are making to bring joy to the lives of their spouses, children, relatives and friends?

And most of all, each person wishing themselves a good life.

The reason I say this is: If you are reading this blog, you already have a great life.

  • You are in a democratic country where you don’t have to live in fear of being punished for what you say, hear or read.
  • You are living in a peaceful nation not ravaged by war, famine and disease.
  • You are reading this from a developed (USA, EU) or quickly developing country like India where you have access to technology.
  • You know how to read written words.
  • Most likely, you have full use of your eyes, other senses and are in reasonably good physical health.
  • You (or your parents) are very likely to have a per capita income that is the upper percentile of the incomes of the world population.

Whatever you believe in, say your thanks today.

It is a wonderful life and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

[UPDATE — March 26, 2007] This post explains this in more detail.

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