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by Krishna on February 4, 2007

My friend and colleague Murugan provided some feedback about the site last week — based on which, I am making some changes to the site. He felt that site visitors may find it difficult to locate items that interest them specifically because my blog contains various subjects. I agree — some of the titles I am using are not helping either since they don’t give a clear indication of the subject matter.

So, I have added a new section “Topics” on the right hand side. You can view the topic that you are interested in. A few of the blog postings belong in more than one topic — so you may see the count exceeding the total number of posts. The Blog Archive is still present in case you want to view a blog in a particular month.

I also got rid of the photo in the Technorati section and renamed that to “Search Content”. I recommend you use that to search this blog because it presents a List view compared to Blogger Search (on top) which directly shows you the blog results. On the other hand, if you want to eliminate a step in searching, use the Blogger Search.

The link to my website has been de-emphasized and shifted below the topics and search boxes as I want to give greater importance to the content on this blog. I will probably be adding links to other web content that I have created, such as photos.

The landing page now contains 5 posts so that loading is faster. I don’t know if people actually scroll down to read more content or they click the links in the Blog Archive more. Maybe, I will try changing this number and see what the statistics say.

Finally, there is no change in the comments. Feel free to post your comments anytime. There is no moderation. You can post anonymous blogs if you like. I have a CAPTCHA provided by Blogger just in case some spam routine hits the site. But apart from that, it is free for all.

[UPDATE — Feb 9, 2007] I have removed the Technorati Search as it doesn’t seem to be working recently. Also I moved the links back up again. I added a link to the home page of this blog as I think it is difficult for people to spot the “Home” link on the individual post pages.

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Robert February 9, 2007 at 4:59 pm

The layout definitely looks better! I usually read through the aggregator, though.

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