Netflix, Snow, Google and AIDS

by Krishna on January 16, 2007

I know the title is kind of weird, but it just describes the 4 paragraphs below. Probably more interesting than saying “Updates on past posts”. (is “past post” an alliteration?)

In my “Hair Down” post, I talked about Netflix vs Blockbuster where the Total Access program seems to me like a big Netflix killer. It looks like Netflix is doing something about it with its new streaming video service. It is not really appealing since the movies cannot be watched on TV and it is streaming, not downloadable — which means that you have to have a good Internet connection while this is going on. Apparently, it also looks like Netflix is only offering a small portion of their overall movie inventory. On my part, I don’t think this is going to work, though I can’t blame Netflix for trying.

And in New England, we didn’t quite get “snow”. It is an ice storm and power is down in many parts in New Hampshire — so far, not in North Londonderry. It is supposed to get really cold here — an unpleasant surprise after the incredibly warm weather we had in December. Roads, pavements and door handles are icy and slippery.

As for my complaint about the lack of an easier interface for some of the advanced features in Google, here is Soople. They have different forms for various types of Google searches. The very fact that this has not been developed by Google is amazing, considering that 20% of everyone's time there is free to spend on pet projects.

Also, here is some more information on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The biggest challenge of this decade will be to overcome disease and war in Africa. Beside that challenge, all other issues pale in comparison.

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