January 2007 in Review

by Krishna on January 31, 2007

The first month of 2007 ends today which means only 11 more months to complete all the New Year Resolutions. Here is what happened on the technology front.

  1. I started writing my novel on Zoho Wiki. I hope to publish it sometime during this summer. Semi-autobiographical, it is a collection of stories and anecdotes. I planned to use JotSpot for this purpose, but I am tired of waiting this long. How many businesses have shut down their doors for months not serving their customers? What can I say — Google blew it with JotSpot.
  2. My target of one post per day will be achieved for January with this post. I did cheat by making up for the days I didn’t do anything by posting several on some days. But I may have to continue like that because it is easier to keep track when I try to match the days in a month. Many thanks to Microsoft Live Writer which has made it easy for me to write in fits and starts. Technorati has been great in knowing about incoming links and visiting those websites. It provides the information faster than Google Alerts.
  3. I like the new Skype add-in (Unyte) which allows desktop and application sharing. So far, I have been using Goto Meeting and, previously, Raindance. Goto Meeting has the advantage of not requiring users to install a separate application. But Skype is really convenient if both sides communicating are in fact Skype users. Today, I saw something in Yahoo! Messenger that smelled like a desktop sharing add-in, but I didn’t have the time to explore that.
  4. Technology addicts like me hardly get any exercise because we are so glued to the screen pressing “j” on Google Reader. My friend Babu Sathish told me about an Yoga exercise that involves coordinated stretching and breathing. After a few days, I feel really refreshed and full of energy. Of course, I have to warn you — the first couple of days will really be painful if you have been out of practice. Babu also explained to me that it is easier to do these simple exercises and have them as part of one’s daily routine for years than it is to go to the gym a fixed number of times a week. I agree with him.
  5. Most people seem to dismiss Orkut as something only popular in Brazil. But I am amazed at how many friends from India I have re-discovered in the past month using Orkut. My feeling is that Orkut is slowly growing and it will hit critical mass soon among the Indian community — which could mean a huge impact considering the large Indian population and Indian Diaspora.
  6. Learning to use wireless in new ways: Bring the laptop to the kitchen and run through the reading to-do list while cutting cucumbers or peeling potatoes. Reply to emails in between commercials. Google a new word or phrase heard on TV and learn to stay away from urban legends and hoaxes.

January was really cold in NH — a bitter change from the unexpectedly warm December. But staying indoors helped in getting some work (electronic & paper) done. February is a short month. Hope to do something different and interesting!

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