Hair Down

by Krishna on January 14, 2007

Well, back to work tomorrow. So, posting a few random thoughts here. While navigating through Orkut, found a few of my friends who were blogging. Here is a list:

Some of you guys haven’t been blogging in quite a while! If you are reading this, here is a fan talking: More!

I have been taking good advantage of Blockbuster's Total Access (Read the first few comments in the post) which allows you to return DVDs at their store and get movies in return for free. As a uneducated consumer, I think that the only thing between Netflix and bankruptcy is the number of titles Netflix has in comparison with Blockbuster. The Blockbuster website is now Ajax-driven, but site performance has taken a nosedive. Not that I really care as I had create a huge queue already.

Watched “Lagaan” again today. The last time I watched this was in 2001 on the side of the front row in a small theatre. To understate it, I didn’t “get the whole picture” — if you know what I mean. There was a deleted scene as part of the DVD’s Special Features — actually a string of unnecessary scenes that perhaps would have spoiled the movie. “Lagaan” felt better on a second viewing — a mark of a well-made movie.

Is it better to post 7 times on the weekend or once every day? I mean, from a web visibility standpoint. I suppose it is the latter, but it is really tough to focus and blog every day, especially after a tiring day at the office. Geez, I don’t even feel like exercising.

Finally, are we going to have some snow in New England this year? Maybe this week? After the especially hot summer, I don’t think there are going to be any disbelievers in global warming here anymore. Of course, in Colorado, it is a different story…

12 more minutes to “24”. Have a nice week!

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