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by Krishna on December 24, 2006

I have been using Windows Live Writer to create and edit my blogs to post to Blogger. I am not sure that it is better than the online editor in Blogger, but it has proved to help me to organize my blogging. Whenever I get a new idea about something, I launch Live Writer and save a quick draft of my idea. Sometimes the idea takes time to develop (perhaps even months), but it remains there unless I get rid of it.

You may say that Blogger does the same too, but it doesn’t launch directly into the edit window as Live Writer does. Plus the Blogger editor is an application within another application (the browser) and it feels different from the feel of Live Writer which seems more like Microsoft Word-like editing tool (though nowhere near the same level of functionality).

At the same time, Live Writer has its deficiencies too. The most irritating one is the lack of a Windows Explorer-like navigation capability of all the drafts, recent posts and older posts. These are currently displayed in a list of 3 items each in a bar on the right hand side. You have to click a “More” button to see the remaining items. Worse, to see  the older posts, each time, Live Writer has to connect to Blogger to get the posts. Why can it just not remember?

When Blogger was bought out by Google, for some reason, Google decided to implement a parallel login mechanism where you could use the old Blogger login (with the old Blogger interface) or use your Google login and get into newer, better beta implementation. Needless to say, it was a pain getting Live Writer to connect to Blogger Beta initially. Finally after searching and visiting many forums, I finally found a way to connect and post my blogs.

I still have problems posting images, which I seldom do. My last post contained a screenshot which I had to add using Blogger after I published the post using Live Writer. Hope someone from the Live Writer team is acting on this.

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