Sourcegear Vault Admin Tool

by Krishna on December 24, 2006

Our company has been using Sourcegear Vault for quite sometime. It is a very good source code control management system for small to mid-size companies. We started using Sourcegear’s SourceOffsite product when we had a need to allow people to access Microsoft Visual SourceSafe from outside the office. By switching to Vault, we consolidated on one product. Since Vault uses Microsoft SQL Server, it seems to be highly stable. The client tool is also very efficient and user-friendly.

One major complaint I have with Sourcegear is the unusable user interface for user permissions. We have several projects going on and each project has its own Vault repository. Each time I add a new user or new repository, I have to go and set the permissions accordingly. So, say I have to set the permissions for a new user. This screen has a small window where the names of the repositories are listed. Each repository has a checkbox against the repository. Only 3 are displayed at a time. See below:

Unless I am really careful, chances are I will accidentally miss out some repository. I have to scroll through several times before I can check all the repositories.

My theory regarding this is that assuming Sourcegear is using Vault internally is that they currently have only 3 products and hence they have not experienced this problem themselves. Nor have their testers focused on this because the majority of users are not administrators, but rather the Client tool users.

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