Problem with Google Custom Search

by Krishna on December 27, 2006

With great enthusiasm, I went to Google Co-op and created my own custom search engine that would allow users to search the contents of this blog and also my site ( Google provides a lot of functionality that makes creation of the custom search a breeze. I also obtained code to put on my website instead of having users visit a URL to search. So far, so good? Well, you think…

Here is the fundamental problem: Until Google indexes the latest changes to my website or my blog, the custom search is useless. If I have made a lot of changes to the site, I have to wait several days until the Google crawler indexes everything and gets ready to provide the results to my custom search. What a joke!

The issue here is that my site is not a huge million-page site that needs days to crawl. There ought to be some functionality where I can tell them that my site has changed and they can run a thread on the crawler to spend a few seconds re-indexing the site. I can ping Technorati about updates on my blog, why can I not ping Google to tell them what has changed.

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