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by Krishna on December 26, 2006

I have started using the new private blog feature in Blogger to start my own personal diary. The only person who can view the blog is me, when I have logged in with my password.

There are many uses of such a private blog. Obviously, there are personal thoughts you don’t want to share with anyone. But in addition, there are different types of information that you could post to the private blog that you don’t want to or cannot share with other people. A few things I can think about are

  • Posting ideas or articles which are not fully formed or researched. Sometimes you may be just putting random thoughts together and don’t have enough time to make it comprehensible to someone other than you.
  • An ideas or article which you think is not important or meaningful to someone else, or perhaps is not something you want associated with your public persona.
  • A nasty diatribe against a company, product or service or someone that you cannot post without inviting an expensive lawsuit which you would probably lose because of lack of evidence or poor lawyers. At the same time, you want to vent your feelings using some choice language.
  • An article that may be crossing some boundaries of intellectual property issues, but you want the information accessible to you. An example would be an amalgam of content from different authors (with proper credit given) whose publishers may not have released the rights to you. I suspect this is not really a problem with big giants like Google News and such, but for the poor blogger, it is definitely something to watch out for.
  • Whatever whims or fancies you want to indulge in without making the rest of the world suffer.

I am not sure about how some of the other Blogger functionality works with this. For example, if you are going to use the private blogging a lot, search becomes important to retrieve old stuff — so how that does that work? Anyway for now, I have just started with 2–3 private postings.

[UPDATE — Feb 9, 2007] There is a search in the Blogger bar at the top of the post. It allows an authorized person to search on the private blog.

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