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by Krishna on December 31, 2006

Here is a new search engine: with an interesting look-and-feel. The blog which had this link expresses my thought exactly:

It will take a huge effort or fundamental shift in how Internet search is done to displace Google from their current position as search leader. For example, Live Search, Yahoo! and Ask are all out there, but they offer nothing, at least to me, that would make me use them instead of Google. And Google keeps rolling out new capabilities in its search such as integration with other services that makes it much more useful.

Of course, all’s not well with the Google world. The promotion of their own services bypassing the regular search results and AdWords is creating major controversy in the Internet space. Also, the changes in the search algorithms (read PageRank) is creating confusion for legitimate small and medium businesses who get penalized unfairly.

A few features that I would like to see in Google search are:

  • Combine categories with search. For example, when I type in “chip”, show me a line of different categories or tags like “food”, “technology”, “sports”, etc.
  • If there is a search result where the page no longer exists and the person clicks on it, remove it the next time the same search is run.
  • Show the number of results in images, video, news, etc. In fact, allow me to search for the information in all or some of the formats at once.
  • Don’t show “Did you mean: xyz” when “xyz” does not bring back any results either.
  • Have a better help for the Calculator feature in Google instead of half a screen. For example, I have no clue what the different types of conversion the calculator provides and have to guess at them.
  • Provide options for the users to switch to a different interface for different web search features. For example, why not provide different input boxes for currency conversion if they want to have it.
  • Make it easier for me to turn on and off Personalized Search History so that I can easily get back to what I found.

Maybe some of this stuff is already available somewhere. And if so, make it easier for me to find and use them.

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